Covid 19 Measures at Cremma:

Cremma Bournemouth opened to the public on 22nd July 2020 which behind schedule to ensure safety for our staff and customers. The compliance observing the following measures:

  1. Food display with glasses were installed where all pastries are placed.
  2. Acrylic barriers are installed as appropriate to minimise virus spread as possible.
  3. Reduced the number of tables and chairs in the premises to ensure appropriate distance between customers is observed
  4. Provision of PPE to staff to use as and when required
  5. Sanitizing stations were installed
  6. Signs for to maintain the social distancing
  7. Provision of wet wipes for customers and staff to ensure that cleaning is observed at all the time
  8. Training of staff to ensure compliance
  9. Continuous monitoring of the situation and government advices to ensure compliance as possible.
  10. Conducting of risk assessment of the situation and updating it as necessary